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For too long, workers in Corporate America have been commoditized and dehumanized. When Leaders don’t Lead, when they place their pursuit of power and profit above the needs of their teams, Executive Anarchy is the tragic result.  

It’s time to STOP Executive Anarchy and START cultivating Leaders at every level of the organization—from the C-Suite to the front lines. In Stop Executive Anarchy: Become a Better Leader, Optimize Your Business, Improve Your Life, Leadership guru Gerry Toledo shows you how.  

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“The tools that Gerry provides aren’t just ‘quick tips’ or ‘tricks’ that provide an easy fix—they are fundamental skills and rules to live by that start at the personal level and work outward. His wisdom and knowledge have had a profound impact.”
—Chris Heisey, Vice President, GFC Lighting Wholesalers, Inc.


“If there is anyone who can help a company become its best self, it’s Gerry. His methods are tried and proven, and he is absolutely someone who turns a piece of coal into a diamond.”
—Ashley Caldarone, Paid Media Specialist at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD


“Gerry’s style, principles, values, and solution-driven approach foster organic, professional team growth. He’s a consummate leader.”
—April Mancini, Senior Project Manager, Royal Contract Lighting

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I'm Gerry Toledo.

My passion is helping people evolve and grow. After 30+ years as an entrepreneur and working my way up the corporate ladder to Vice President, I've learned what works and what doesn't.

After many requests to share what I knew about Leadership I began writing about the corporate environment and how to overcome its inherent challenges.

Now you can benefit from my mistakes without all the hassles. I share the good, the bad, and the ugly. This book will enable you to easily master everything I learned the hard way.

Leadership has been the anchor that grounded me through many tough times. I know this book can do the same for you.


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