I'm Gerry

I'm a corporate culture crusader, and Leadership cultivator, which means I optimize businesses and I'm absolutely obsessed with helping Leaders unleash their full potential.

Leadership Adviser

I help you gain the clarity, credibility, and confidence to become a better Leader and make a difference in your professional and personal endeavors.


My book shows you how putting people before profit can help Leaders influence, inspire, and engage their team. Amazon link



Speaking topics include, re-integration post pandemic, success with virtual teams, delegation, Leading through crisis, and many others. Contact: [email protected]

About me

I grew up just north of Boston MA. Back then, I immersed myself in books to escape the cramped apartment that we lived in. Even then I knew that where you begin isn't necessarily where you end up. I believe this philosophy applies to all of us. Leadership is within your grasp no matter who you are.

Through my FREE on-line training, speaking engagements, mentoring programs, paid Leadership courses, and my book, I can help you step up to Leadership and overcome the inherent obstacles in today's business environment in order to build a more human Leadership experience within your small business or corporation.

How I got here

Early in my career I dealt with massive frustration regarding the inequities inherent in the corporate environment. This led to a crossroads in my career. I could pick up my toys and go home or become the Leader I expected others to be.

It was then, that I resolved myself to redefining Leadership and company culture. To step up and be the type of Leader that looked beyond the numbers to foster a more human approach to Leadership.

Finally, I started achieving the success that had previously eluded me. Suddenly, people were asking me to teach them what I knew about Leadership.

Since then, within my own small businesses, and on my way up the corporate ladder to Vice President, I’ve had the privilege to help countless individuals and teams evolve and grow, earn more, and achieve greater success.

I can help you do the same

Corporate roles

Fighting your way up the corporate ladder is never easy, but my real focus has always been transformation of businesses and people. My focus on transformation has led me into various roles spanning a diverse grouping of industries.

I've had the privilege to lead teams within engineering, manufacturing operations, service & repair, business operations, and as an entrepreneur. Industry experience includes telecom, consumer electronics, semiconductor, hospitality, and business consulting.

By developing an eclectic skill set and diversity of experience, I've managed to turn around numerous under-performing organizations and delivered up to $100MM plus per engagement in savings and efficiency gains.

Personal life

No, I'm not a big fisherman, but I enjoy dinner, vacationing, and having fun with close friends. This picture is taken in the Carribean after a deep sea excursion. I remember it vividly because the waves were as big as the boat that day and I got really sick, but I was fine the moment my feet hit dry land. No harm done. This was truly an amazing vacation.

When I'm not working in the office, you might find me working on my horse farm or enjoying a leisurely motorcycle ride along the New Hampshire seacoast. There's nothing better than getting on the bike and enjoying the freedom it provides as well as the beautiful scenery you encounter along the way.

Family is important to me. I especially enjoy spending quality time with my adult son. We enjoy long motorcycle rides, kayaking on the lake, and general silliness. We like to laugh a lot.

My mission

To change the world one Leader at a time!

I provide you with the skills to be a great Leader and help you use those skills, to work smarter, and earn more.

I help you find the courage to push beyond your previous limits so you can build a career and a life you never imagined possible.

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