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How a people first approach to business can enhance efficiency and increase profits

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Why Team Engagement?

Engaged teams innovate more; they produce better quality products, and are more collaborative. They care about the company, its customers, and the outcomes they produce leading to increased efficiency, enhanced output, and ultimately, higher profits.


Studies CONFIRM that effective Leadership develops team engagement, and team engagement is directly linked to enhanced customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and higher profits.


Putting people first is not only the right thing to do; it’s the profitable thing to do.

Leadership's Role in Team Engagement

According to Towers Watson's Global Work Study (see table) Sustainable Engagement is broken down into 3 parts.

Enablement: Having the tools, resources, and support to do their job effectively.

Energy: Having a work environment that actively supports physical, emotional, and interpersonal well-being.

Traditional Engagement: Employees' willingness to expend discretionary effort on their job.


The key driver in all of these categories is Leadership.

How do you Get There From Here?

Through my proprietary frameworks I can help your organization enhance their leadership skills, and create a clear vision that ensures your organization is headed in the right direction while holding sacred your shared values.

Field tested team engagement tactics ensure a timely and consistent customer experience ultimately leading to increased profits.

How we can work together

Confident leaders, happier teams, and an optimized business starts with choosing the right partner with the right approach

(explore the options below)


Nobody knows the culture of an organization better than the people deep down in the trenches of that organization. The wisdom gleaned from these individuals is invaluable to the optimization of your business.

I work with your team to find game changing gold nuggets that I can leverage to guide them into implementing themselves. My goal is to proliferate leadership through every level of your organization. The end result is an independent, empowered, team that readily jumps in to implement solutions.

Keynote Speech

Keynotes can be used to inject fresh insights and new perspective into your teams as a standalone approach or in coordination with other trans-formative action. Through the use of stories and real world examples teams can begin to explore alternate approaches and new ideas.

Sample of available topics:

  • Leadership (multiple sub-topics)
  • The art of influence
  • Hiring your dream team
  • Re-integration post pandemic
  • Working with remote teams
  • Other topics available


A seasoned leader can provide insight and wisdom that could take years to develop if left to our own devices. Regardless of role or level, we can all benefit from a new and unique perspective. The benefit of a mentor is maximized when availability goes beyond the executive suite. This approach can preempt issues before they escalate. Solving problems at the level which they occur saves time and money.

How you engage a trusted advisor varies, but ongoing, scheduled interaction works best. A typical engagement is about 6 months in duration, but can be anywhere from 3-12 months, depending on the situation. The greater the transformation that is needed, the more mentoring is required.


We offer an interactive learning experience for the benefit of individuals and teams. Typical workshops start with a lecture or key note followed by a lesson and interactive sessions. Interactive sessions consist of student/instructor interaction or can involve group breakout sessions. The interactive nature of a workshop accelerates learning and fosters long term retention.

Workshop topics are dependent on the specific needs of the business.

Why NOW is the best time to level up your business

"What does it mean to level up? Simply put, it means to improve your current situation in a way that feels like a powerful shift. And, it starts with a change in thought, a shift in mindset, followed by brave action."

Cindy S. Yantis

Business is slow

A downturn in business is actually the best time to optimize your business. Your staff has the time to focus on business transformation unfettered by their daily responsibilities.

As business improves, your organization can hit the ground running with a more engaged team, higher efficiency, and the infrastructure to support higher profits.

There's too much going on right now

Increasing efficiency allows you to do more, not less. Eliminating extraneous effort from your business can go a long way toward eliminating the overwhelming feeling of not having enough hours in the day.

Optimizing your business affords you the time needed to focus on customer needs versus struggling to get things done.

But my business is doing really well

It’s not about your current revenue or how well it’s going; it’s about how much profit is left on the table. Slight shifts in business can compound over time and render old ways of thinking and executing obsolete. This translates into actual dollars left behind.

Sometimes reaching the next level requires eliminating familiar patterns and exploring new possibilities.

Meet Gerry

(Corporate Culture Crusader and Leadership Cultivator)

Author - Speaker - Mentor - Leadership Advisor


Gerry Toledo has 30+ years leading people and building teams within diverse industries and spanning multiple cross-functional areas. He has guided organizations through business transformations yielding in excess of $100M plus per engagement.

Areas of expertise include Leadership, team engagement, business transformation, project management, and process improvement. Many of Gerry’s talks and training are featured in his upcoming book on Leadership.

After decades as an entrepreneur and on his way up the corporate ladder to Vice President, Gerry remains passionate about helping aspiring Leaders reach their full potential. His mission is to help them work smarter, earn more, and live better.

What people are saying

April Mancini

My company recently brought Gerry onboard to
incorporate much needed leadership. Gerry is a true and consummate leader, in unassuming fashion. Being firm and consistent, his ability to unify only underscores teamwork. He’s involved, and always available to listen, hear, and assist. He is solution driven and allots everyone their own creative freedom. He’s created company solidarity, and a newfound confidence in each other as a team. Our internal operations have greatly improved with process, transparency, and communication. He’s successfully fostered organic, professional growth of our team and work
environment. We’ve all benefited from his style, principles, and values. Gerry is revered by the entire team.

Ashley Caldarone

Gerry was asked to assist my company when we were facing some serious difficulties and hard times. Within 3 months of Gerry being brought into the company, we had lost almost every senior member of the core project management team. Changes like this usually led to decreased morale, loss of employees, and overall company downturn. This was not the case though, as Gerry was able to keep a firm grip on the workings of the company, as well as the minds of the staff. He has been able to turn around internal morale issues, assist our team with conflict resolution, and really make a positive difference where it was needed most. I believe that if there is anyone that can help a company become its best self, it is Gerry. His methods are tried and proven, and he is absolutely someone who turns a piece of coal into a diamond.

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