LEADERSHIP: What is Leadership

So what is leadership, and how do I know I am a leader?


A leader is someone who sees the intrinsic value in each of us and helps us bring that value to the forefront in all that we do. Someone who motivates us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. A leader is someone who inspires us to achieve more than we ever imagined possible.


Some would say, I am a leader because I was a director at company A, and a VP at company B…… These are really just titles, not necessarily indicators of leadership. Sometimes the individuals we believe are leading are not leading at all, and the ones with no titles are actually the ones leading the charge.


Anyone and everyone can become a leader. From the Boy Scout helping the elderly woman cross the street, to the stranger who stopped to lend a hand when we needed it the most. A leader is the guy that goes out of his way to help others with no hidden agenda. The person who does something simply because . . . . . it’s the right thing to do. Someone who not only provides help, but teaches us to help ourselves.


People will often bypass other higher ranking managers to seek advice from a leader. A leader is not necessarily someone who knows every answer, but someone who will readily help us look it up. If he can’t find the answer, then he’s not afraid to make a decision with the data we currently have.


“Laws control the lesser man, right conduct controls the greater one”. - Mark Twain


A leader is approachable, and lives in the same community with his team. Does this mean he lives next door? It means there are no walls between a leader and his team. It means a leader doesn’t forget what it was like to be new and inexperienced.


A Leader can empathize with his team and truly understand their pain points. He remembers how good it feels to be entrusted with a critical mission, and how good it felt to celebrate the victory after its successful completion.


Do you agree? Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your unique perspective.


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