LEADERSHIP: Bringing Leadership and Humanity back to Corporate America

There’s a dark cloud that looms large over the corporate landscape. It consumes countless careers and lives with its voracious appetite for profit and power. It leaves in its wake walking wounded who bear the scars of broken dreams and shattered relationships.

Cloaked in apathy and steeped in fear, they roam the halls like corporate zombies desperately searching for a purpose to call their own.

A menace to productivity, and the sworn enemy of the greater good, the name of this dark cloud is Executive Anarchy.

It’s what happens when Leaders don’t lead and place their own selfish desire for power and profit above the needs of their team. They commoditize and dehumanize their people to unprecedented levels until many are compelled to leave.

Those that remain are apathetic to their environment, and indifferent to the outcomes they produce. Their only focus, their own safety and survival. 


Who are these so-called Leaders?

  1. Puppets. This is the person who can’t make decisions on their own. They always have to, “get back to you.” Instead of pondering their decision, they have to consult elsewhere for the answer. Many are mere conduits in the chain of command and possess very little ability or authority to actually make decisions. Left to their own devices, they are typically harmless. They are only as dangerous as the person behind the scenes pulling the strings. 
  2. Pretenders. Everything about pretenders is a façade. He/she is Teflon. Nothing sticks to them. When asked a question, they say, “What do you think we should do?” They can dodge questions faster than Superman can deflect bullets. Pretenders can be very dangerous. Their biggest fear is that someone might cast a spotlight on them and expose their charade. They will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening. 
  3. Wanna-be’s (want to be). This is the person that “must” have the title at all cost. Money, power, stature, and acceptance are the air they breathe. They will do anything and step on anyone to get it.


How did they get there? 

  • They knew someone in management. 
  • They were in the right place at the right time. 
  • They were hired or trained by someone lacking the skills to do so. 
  • They were promoted due to their performance as an individual contributor.
  • They possessed stellar business credentials with little consideration for their people skills or motivation. 


What’s the solution? – PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT

 In order to lead human beings we must start by being human ourselves. Our teams aren’t commodities or investments. By truly connecting with them, enlightened leaders can make a real difference in the lives and careers of their teams.

When teams have a leader they trust, who shares their vision, and is truly looking out for their well-being, they become more loyal and release their discretionary effort. They engage and perform at a higher level because they want to, not because they have to.

Engaged teams innovate more; they produce better quality products and are more collaborative. They begin to care about the company, its customers, and the outcomes they produce, leading to increased efficiency, enhanced output, and ultimately, higher profits.

This is more than rhetoric. Studies CONFIRM that effective leadership leads to team engagement, and team engagement is directly linked to higher profits.


“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller


A message to Leaders: It’s OK! 

  • It’s OK if you don’t know everything. It’s not expected or required. Supplement your weaknesses with your team. 
  • It’s OK to accept input from your team. The best insight often comes from deep down in the trenches. 
  • It’s OK to be vulnerable. It’s what makes us human and relatable. It builds trust and loyalty. 
  • It’s OK to do the right thing for the right reasons. Integrity is paramount. Your success is inextricably intertwined with the success of your team. 


A call to action. 

This is not a condemnation of any and all corporate infrastructure. It is however, an indictment of exploitative behaviors wherever they exist. We can no longer look the other way. It’s time to stop being passive participants in the injustices all around us.

 It’s a roadmap for professional and personal success, and even profit, without the need for exploitation. It’s also a call to arms for those that demand change and have the courage to play an active role in its execution.

  • Why rule, when you can collaborate?
  • Why force, when you can inspire?
  • Why command, when you can motivate?
  • Why punish, when you can reward?
  • Why dictate, when you can influence?

Now is the time for aspiring Leaders to step up and take the Lead to truly make a difference in the lives of their teams. You don’t need anyone’s permission or a fancy title to be a Leader. You do need the desire to serve others, the courage to right the wrongs of yesterday, the integrity to do what is right today, and the voice to share your vision for a better tomorrow.


Do you agree? Let me know about your encounters with Executive Anarchy or how you think you can make a difference.


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