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Is your career stuck in the slow lane?

Are you struggling to get ahead at work? You work your fingers to the bone, but you thought you would be further along in your career by now. You’ve tried everything, but you’re still fighting to achieve the big results you know you’re capable of.

You watch everyone around you work at half speed, but still get full pay. Your boss doesn’t seem to care, if he notices at all. He’s made it painfully clear he’s not interested in spending time talking to employees. Unless the building is on fire, he can’t be bothered. His only focus is quotas and metrics.

You’re at the point where you feel like just a number, and the system is working against you. You feel like you’re out of options, and the promotion and raise you were promised will never come. You know in your heart you could do more, and be more, if you could just catch a break.

What if nothing changes?

You’ve considered doing something about your situation, but it’s never quite the right time. To top it all off, your troubles at work often spill over into your personal life. After putting food on the table, there’s little time left to spend with those you Love. When you do have the time, your mind is somewhere else. You’re worried about your problems at work, your next raise, or the kid’s college fund.

Doing nothing prevents you from being your best self at work, but more importantly it negatively impacts your personal life, your peace of mind, and your happiness. How often do you make it to your son’s ball game? How many recitals have you missed?

Are you ready to embrace a life of mediocrity, where your gifts are wasted; where your potential goes unfulfilled; where quality time with your loved ones is dictated by your work schedule; where your earning potential is capped by others who don’t understand your true talent?

Just getting by is no way to live.

In the depths of your soul, you know you’re capable of more, yet you don’t know how to get started.

I’ve been there too!

I know exactly how you feel. Early in my career I dealt with massive frustration regarding apathetic co-workers, bad bosses and the constant struggle to get ahead created by an environment of, “EXECUTIVE ANARCHY” (lack of Leadership).

The big “aha” moment for me, was the realization that, “It’s always a Leadership problem.” It’s the Leader who created or condoned the environment of commodification and dehumanization that not only stalls your career, but leads to your frustration, stress, and unhappiness.

It was then, that I resolved myself to redefining Leadership and company culture. To step up and be the type of Leader that looked beyond the numbers to foster a more human approach to Leadership.

Finally, I started achieving the success that had previously eluded me. Suddenly, people were asking me to teach them what I knew about Leadership.

Since then, within my own small businesses, and on my way up the corporate ladder to VP, I’ve had the privilege to help countless individuals and teams evolve and grow, earn more, and achieve greater success.

I went from growing up in a second floor apartment with no yard, to owning a beautiful home at the beach, a 40 stall commercial horse farm on 56 acres, and a camp in the mountains. I say that not to brag, but to illustrate that anyone can transcend their current situation. With hard work and perseverance, you can too.

Me, the boss?

How would your life change if you were calling the shots? What if you were the boss?

That’s what I did!

Anyone can learn to be a Leader. You don’t need an invitation, or anyone’s permission. I’m not special, or any different than you. I merely decided that it was up to me to be the change that I wanted to see at work. If I wasn’t willing to change and work toward a solution, then who would?

You can do the same.

So many others are content to stay in their lane and play it safe on the road they’re already on. That’s not you. You want more. You deserve more!

You can stay in your current situation and keep getting passed over for promotions. You can watch your boss get credit for your efforts, and never truly earn the money you deserve.

Or you can step up and be the leader that you expect your boss to be. You can step up and truly make a difference in your career, and life, in the lives of your loved ones, and in the lives of your co-workers.

Not only do you solve your problem at work, but you unlock the door to greater success; to higher earning potential and to more quality time with your loved ones.


Learn what people are saying.

"My company recently brought Gerry onboard to incorporate much needed leadership. Gerry is a true and consummate leader, in unassuming fashion. Being firm and consistent, his ability to unify only underscores teamwork. He’s involved, and always available to listen, hear, and assist. He is solution driven and allots everyone their own creative freedom. He’s created company solidarity, and a newfound confidence in each other as a team. Our internal operations have greatly improved with process, transparency, and communication. He’s successfully fostered organic, professional growth of our team and work environment. We’ve all benefited from his style, principles, and values. Gerry is revered by the entire team. "

April Mancini
Maine, USA

"Gerry was asked to assist my company when we were facing some serious difficulties and hard times. Within 3 months of Gerry being brought into the company, we had lost almost every senior member of the core project management team. Changes like this usually led to decreased morale, loss of employees, and overall company downturn. This was not the case though, as Gerry was able to keep a firm grip on the workings of the company, as well as the minds of the staff. He has been able to turn around internal morale issues, assist our team with conflict resolution, and really make a positive difference where it was needed most. I believe that if there is anyone that can help a company become its best self, it is Gerry. His methods are tried and proven, and he is absolutely someone who turns a piece of coal into a diamond. "

Ashley Caldarone

Human Leadership Manifesto e-book

I know change is difficult. It’s even more difficult to put your trust in something, or someone new. The truth is, I know where you are right now because I’ve been there. I remember how difficult it was to choose change versus the same dead end road I was on. I finally decided that doing something different was the only path to growth, and a better life.

I wish I had this information at the beginning of my Leadership journey. It would have saved me years of struggle and heartache trying to figure things out on my own. The reality is, on my path to learning Leadership, I’ve failed many times. Without anyone to guide me, I managed to find all the wrong ways to do things.

With this 28 page e-book you get to avoid all the mistakes I made. You get to take a short cut to a better career, a better life, and higher earning potential.


Here's what you will get


  • Learn how great Leaders produce consistent results.
  • Learn how to harness your innate talents in order to achieve better and faster results.
  • Learn the game changing Leadership strategies to boost your earning potential.
  • Discover key differentiators between managers and Leaders, in order to maximize your impact in your daily interactions.
  • Learn the top 3 Leadership attributes, and how you can leverage them to improve your work culture.
  • Learn where you stand in your Leadership journey through our proprietary Leadership Indicator Assessment.
  • Learn how great Leaders build trust, and gain the loyalty of their teams and all those around them.
  • Learn the secrets great Leaders know that help them avoid the pitfalls of Leadership.
  • Learn how to gain the loyalty of your team, and have unshakable credibility.
  • Gain insight into what motivates your team, and how to keep them engaged for life.
  • Gain access to our breakthrough framework that enables you to form deeper connections, and maximize your influence, in order to elevate your team, accelerate your career, and improve your life.

What you can do now

You are at that crossroads right now. Only you can choose your path forward. You can choose to stay on the same road and see the same results, or you can choose the road less traveled and put your career and your life on a different trajectory.

If your like I was, your consumed with self-doubt and fear that’s preventing you from realizing your full potential. Fear of failure, or fear of what others might think of you. Fear that you’re not good enough, or that you don’t have enough money or stature to make your dreams come true.

I know for sure, staying on the same road will get you the same outcomes you’ve always had. If you want something different to happen; if you want to truly change the direction of your career, of your life and your relationships both at work and at home, you need to do something different. Make a new choice and pursue your new outcome.

Human Leadership Manifesto e-book

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